Medical Transport Services

Medical transport service offered with proven best results

ambulancesAt a time when non-emergency and private medical transport is both widely available and affordable, it is good to know this specialized service is offered, say seniors and others with health conditions. In fact, there is a wide range of long distance medical transportation options now featured in most communities nationwide. For instance, there is the trending Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program (CCEMTP) that trains and prepares nurses, respiratory therapists and paramedics for this needed medical transportation services.

According to CCEMTP officials, the moving of ill patients from a hospital, home or care facility is trending at a time when additional treatment options are on offer in most major cities and rural communities. Medical transportation has always been linked to the view that critical care patients may needed specialized services offered at various locations outside the immediate area. The premise behind critical care transportation is to offer patients every available health care option; even if that means moving sick patients hundreds of miles from their home or local hospital.

Expanding scope of medical care

While the focus for any medical transportation program is based on known availability of readily accessible care in local, national or even international areas, it does not always have to require an emergency medical situation. In fact, there are many trending medical transport services that featured scheduled helicopter, ambulance or even fixed aircraft movement of non-critical patients whose condition is viewed as under control but they require other medical care not offered in the region where they live. The result is more access and freedom for the sick to relocate to other hospitals or care facilities when needed.

ambulanceThe benefits of non-emergency medical transport include:

– Medical supervision without the high cost of an ambulance.

– Transport that caters to the individual and unique needs of the patient.

– Coverage of all doctor and other medical appointments.

– Service for hospital visits, non-emergency transport, hospital discharge, dialysis treatments, physical therapy and stroke rehabilitation, cardiac and pulmonary care and dental appointments.

In general, non-emergency medical care transportation covers all “non- medical occasions” as well, with service to airports, trains, buses; while also available for long distance health-focused travel and even transport for special family events.

Overall, there has never been a better time to looking into non-emergency medical transport for all doctor and medical center appointments with proven customer service.